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Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) provide justice and healing to children who are either suspected or confirmed victims of child abuse.

Based on a national model, Child Advocacy Centers are dedicated to a coordinated team approach by professionals pursuing the truth in child abuse investigations. By bringing together professionals from local law enforcement, the County Attorney's Office, the Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), victim advocacy agencies and the medical and mental health professions, CACs provide a safe neutral environment for the evaluation of child abuse and exploitation, coordination of services for victim and families and child abuse prevention through community education.

The Strafford County Child Advocacy Center is a program of the Strafford County Attorney's Office. Our mission is to provide a multidisciplinary response by law enforcement, DCYF, the County Attorney's Office, victim services, medical providers and other agencies as needed, to allegations of child abuse to ensure effective and coordinated investigations. The CAC will provide a centrally located, neutral, child friendly setting in which to conduct interviews of children, host team meetings, conduct ongoing evaluations and case tracking, and provide referrals to community services in an effort to support, nurture, and protect children.

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